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  • 1. What do I do if I have questions regarding the results of a test?

    Should you have any questions regarding the results of a test, please call 305-816-6503 or contact your representative and have the client identification number ready.  Anchor Diagnostics toxicologists will go through any questions directly with you!

  • 2. I have lost my login information to the clinical portal, what do I do?

    Please contact your representative or call 305-816-6503 to reset your information!

  • 3. How long will it take to get test results back to us?

    Typically once we receive a specimen, we will have posted the results back to you within 24-36 hours.

  • 4. My patient has a question regarding their statement, who should they contact?

    The patient should call into the number directly on their statement, or call 305-816-6503 and ask to speak to our patient billing specialists should they have any questions regarding their statement.

  • 5. Will you send our patients statements directly?

    Yes. Anchor Diagnostics will send statements directly to the patient.

  • 6. Do you offer sliding scale, payment plans or hardship allowances?

    Yes. Anchor Diagnostics will review and make allowances on a patient-by-patient basis. If a patient is in hardship or should need financial assistance- they should call the number directly on the bottom of their statement.  Our dedicated patient financial team will compassionately review each request and may ask for supporting documentation.  Each call is recorded for quality assurance.

  • 7. Will my staff have a dedicated person for training and assistance?

    Yes. Each client has a dedicated representative who will provide training on all matters related to Anchor Diagnostics.


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