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  • 1. Why am I receiving statements and EOB's from Anchor Diagnostics?

    Your ordering physician ordered tests to help to diagnose and to assist in your treatment plan.

  • 2. Can I have a copy of my testing results?

    Yes, in accordance to HIPPA and PHP you may request results to any healthcare treatment.

  • 3. How does diagnostic testing help in my treatment?

    Diagnostic testing results are a crucial part in treatment of addiction treatment and pain management. Ordering physicians order tests to ensure that patients are abstaining from drugs that could hinder their sobriety, harm the treatment population and show levels of how a certain drug may be declining out of the system. The results also show adherence to any prescribed medications that the doctor may prescribe to you and/or show that the patient is not taking any drug that is not prescribed that could potentially cause adverse medication interactions, harm, death or divergence from the treatment protocol.

  • 4. Does Anchor Diagnostics provide financial allowances for the testing prescribed?

    Yes, Anchor Diagnostics has created a patient financial care department and should you need assistance please contact us at 305.816.6503. We will review each submission on a case-by-case basis. Applicants will need to have supporting financial documentation such as a W2, bank statement or tax return.

  • 5. Does Anchor Diagnostics maintain privacy with the results of my reports?

    Yes, Anchor Diagnostics is in compliance with HIPAA and it is crucial to us to maintain your privacy at all times.


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