Addiction Panel

Addiction Treatment Panel

If you are a drug and alcohol treatment facility, those who are struggling with the physical and psychological effects of addiction are counting on you to provide the treatment programs that will help them address and overcome their substance abuse. An essential part in providing top quality addiction treatment programming is having proper testing and diagnostic services.

Anchor Diagnostics specializes in providing diagnostic services and customer care for addiction treatment providers nationwide.  With our many years experience in the field of drug addiction treatment, we have created a specific testing menu that is designed to give ordering physicians both assurance and confidence in the accuracy of our results. With our addiction treatment panel, we have specifically lowered cut-off levels in certain analytes by looking at cross reaction in order to maximize the window of detection.

Our addiction panel testing menu also takes into account the variations of new synthetic drugs that are being created, and our lab is in constant development of detecting these substances. Our addiction treatment testing menu takes into consideration a comprehensive selection for providers to choose from while making client centric ordering as easy as possible. Our ultimate goal is to be your preferred partner in providing services, testing selection, accuracy and compliance with every test ordered.

Sample Addiction Panel

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