Toxicology is one of the most important diagnostic services that healthcare professionals rely on in their respective practices. Toxicology is the study of foreign substances in the body, and the study of the effects of those substances in order to help physicians, doctors and other medical practitioners create treatment plans for a variety of illnesses. If you are looking for a diagnostic team that utilizes cutting edge science and state-of-the-art testing protocols that will help you maximize the essential services you provide, Anchor Diagnostics should be your first choice.

Anchor Diagnostics is comprised of an expert team of toxicologists, scientists and a dedicated account services staff that specializes in diagnostic testing for addiction treatment and pain management. We understand the unique and specific needs and our number one goal is to provide the most accurate and reliable diagnostic services and solutions.

What Can You Expect With Our Toxicology Services?

You can be assured that Anchor Diagnostics follows stringent procedures and guidelines to ensure that you receive the results that you desire. When an ordering physician requests a specific test, our ordering and customer support services are specifically designed to process the orders with ease and accurately document all tests in a manner which is both medically necessary and pertinent to that client.

We also understand that receiving results in a timely manner is crucial. Therefore, we strive to report all results within a 24 hour time upon implementation of testing samples. Whether you are utilizing Anchor Diagnostic’s clinical portal system or directly through your electronic medical record database, we ensure ease in reading and accessing your results. If you have any questions, our experienced toxicologists can be contacted directly by calling 305-816-6503.

Our customer service team is committed to providing all of our clients with seamless support and published educational materials needed to help you focus on providing the best and most efficient care for your client population.

Call us today at 305-816-6503 and learn more about all the services we provide.

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