Lab Team

Harold Alvarez, MD
Medical Director

Harold Alvarez MD

Dr. Alvarez is a Board Certified Pathologist in the areas of Anatomical Pathology, Clinical Pathology, Hematopathology and Blood Bank/Transfusion Medicine. Dr. Alvarez has served as an associate Pathologist, Medical Director and Laboratory Director for high complexity labs including Surgical Pathology, Hematology, Toxicology, Molecular, Immunohematology, Flow Cytometry, Immunology and Chemistry. He is an assessor for the College of American Pathologist the AABB and a medical school faculty at the Nova Southeastern University.  Anchor Diagnostics is honored to work with someone with the depth of experience and knowledge Dr. Alvarez brings to the lab.




Administrative Team

Stephnie Bickley
Anchor Diagnostics CEO

“”A leader takes people where they want to go.  A great leader takes people where they don’t want to go, but ought to be.”  – Rosalynn Carter

Stephnie Bickley is the Chief Executive Officer of Anchor Diagnostics.  Originally from South Africa, she relocated to the United States with her family in 2009.  Ms. Bickley has a long and distinguished history in the medical and healthcare industry on two continents starting her career in surgical sales with Johnson & Johnson.  After moving to America Ms. Bickley accepted a position with Alere Toxicology and is credited for her work in helping them becoming a leader in toxicology in the addiction treatment market.  Ms. Bickley remained Director of Business Development for Alere, until accepting a position as Vice President of Sales at Addiction Labs of America, American Addiction Center’s (AAC) toxicology laboratory. Ms. Bickley has had her pulse on toxicology in the addiction space watching its massive growth over the last several years with a keen eye on how to best meet the need of her clients.   As a result, she became the CEO of Anchor Diagnostics and, since its beginning, has been relentless in her adherence to laboratory compliance, devoted to customer care, and excels in corporate strategy innovation.  Ms. Bickley holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biology and Biochemistry.



Megan Reinhardt
Chief Operations Officer
Chief Operations Officer

“In the course of your lives, without any plan on your part, you’ll come to see suffering that will break your heart. When it happens, and it will, don’t turn away from it; turn toward it. That is the moment when change is born.”-Melinda Gates 

Ms. Reinhardt comes to Anchor Diagnostics having been active in various leadership roles in technology start-ups, toxicology and clinical research studies within the substance abuse field. These experiences have fostered a multi-dimensional understanding of the industry which she utilizes in building, enhancing and growing Anchor Diagnostics. It is a personal duty and a mission for Anchor Diagnostics to invest ourselves in the fight to reduce this suffering. One change that Ms. Reinhardt has committed herself to, within the addiction industry, has been to help create Anchor Diagnostics as a trusted ethical leader.  Her professional objectives have always been to build compliant and sustainable systems and processes, designed with the key goal to positively impact the industry and the people who are suffering with this disease.  Ms. Reinhardt has designed our company’s objectives and processes to enhance education, compliance, and toxicology services. She is always on top of being able to support and ensure fast turn around time and accuracy in the result reporting utilized in treatment. Ms. Reinhardt operates Anchor Diagnostics with the belief that our duty is to provide the best toxicology services and solutions where ethics and social responsibility are the foundation of our company.  Ms. Reinhardt believes that when toxicology is ordered based on appropriateness to the patient’s needs, education of toxicology, and industry standards, we then have the only empirical data to measure sobriety and the patients’ treatment plans.



Carrie M. Billy Patient
Financial Director

Patient Financial Director

“One kind word can change someone’s day”

Carrie Billy, our Patient Financial Director, began her career in 1998, working as a Certified Legal Assistant at a high volume real estate firm in North Palm Beach, Florida.  In 2006, she took her career in an exciting new direction when she began work as a Clinical Trial Associate in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry.  She came into the field of Addiction Treatment in 2015, working as the Executive Administrative Assistant to the CFO of a company with treatment facilities in Florida, California, and Arizona.   She was beyond excited to join the Anchor Team in 2016, and work with an incredibly dedicated, professional group committed to the highest degree of quality and integrity.
Carrie is acutely aware of the pain and trauma addiction inflicts on both the addict and their loved ones.  It is her priority that every patient she encounters be heard, understood, respected and genuinely cared for with kindness and sensitivity.  With a firm grasp of the challenges and complexities that come with treating addiction, she strives to provide clarity and compassion to each patient, taking into consideration their unique financial circumstances.  She feels true satisfaction and joy when she is able to assist a person or family in managing the stress of addiction treatment.  In her free time, Carrie escapes to her hometown of Key Largo, Florida, where she enjoys kayaking, snorkeling, and watching the sunset with friends and family.


Sales and Service Team

Shannon Reed, LAADC
West Coast Manager, Educational Trainer
Educational Trainer

“The only way out, is to go through.” –

Shannon Reed, our West Coast Manager and Educational Trainer has been working in addiction treatment since early 2007 when she obtained her Chemical Dependency Counseling certification and a degree from Saddleback College in Psychology.    In 2012 she accepted her first role in toxicology learning how diagnostic testing can impact day to day treatment and its significance in outcomes and treatment planning.  Her goal from day one has been to educate clinical staff on best practices in toxicology and how the right implementation correlates to the client’s treatment progress.   Her broad experience working in the treatment setting proves invaluable in our day to day operations and interactions with healthcare personnel.   Ms. Reed understands the needs of both the client and the treating provider having fulfilled roles as a Case Manager, Counselor, Program Director, and Clinical Outreach Representative.  She continues her passion of 7 years as a Recovery Coach motivating her clients to renew hope, learn life skills, find purpose, and assists them in pursuing a higher education with empathy and insight.  Growing up in a family suffering from addiction, she values every relationship she makes and loves to connect people, and educate providers.   Working in addiction treatment has given her the opportunity to turn her pain into passion and she hopes to continue her education in the treatment field.  “Every time I walk into a treatment facility, a conference or an event, I see courage.  I see world changers.  I see impact.  I see people I admire and respect.   I see a story I can’t wait to listen to and learn from.   I see my life and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.  For that, I am grateful.”   Ms. Reed recently relocated to Austin, Texas and travels nationally working with treatment providers.



Kaitlyn Connors
Regional Sales Director
Regional Sales Director

Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one simply remembers to turn on the light- J.k. Rowling

Kaitlyn Connors, our Regional Sales Director, came into the field of Addiction treatment in 2013, through her Mother, who worked in clinical addiction treatment for over 20 years. She got her start at a publicly traded laboratory, learning the ins and outs of ethical and data based diagnostic testing. Along that journey, Kaitlyn was thrust into recovery in 2014 and her entire purpose changed. Her job in the field of addiction treatment became much more about helping others then it did about selling urine drug testing. Kaitlyn began to build real relationships with people who want to change the world and learned how to use her gift of recovery to assist treatment centers in the ancillary services of diagnostic testing. She believes that drug testing does not have to be that extra “thing” you must do at your treatment center, it should be a true partnership. A partnership consisting of working together to give the best clinical treatment possible to those who still suffer from this baffling illness. Don’t worry, Kaitlyn is not “all work, no play”. In her free time, she loves her cat Henry, painting and photography, her loving Fiancé, Adam, and spending her time helping others in the recovery community. Growing up in a house full of recovered alcoholics and addicts, this industry is not just a job for her, it is a part of what cultivates her soul.



Maria Pilz
Account Manager
Account Manager

“If someone asks you if you’re in line, what they really mean is get in line better.” – Karen Kilgariff

Maria Pilz joined the Anchor Diagnostics team in April 2017 and has made it her mission to help Medical Directors fully understand how to correctly utilize laboratory services throughout their own medical practices and treatment facilities. While Ms. Pilz was a student at Penn State University, she discovered she had a passion for biological, physiological, and behavioral sciences.   She graduated in 2010 and immediately began working in the healthcare industry to stay connected to these passions. She began her journey working in Physical Therapy and Chiropractic clinics. Ms. Pilz was introduced to the Laboratory Industry in 2013 and immediately knew it was an excellent fit.  She worked hard to familiarize herself with all aspects of the industry and eventually earned a position as an Operations Director from 2015 through 2017.  In this position, Ms. Pilz came to understand the reasoning behind the immense amount of scrutiny that is seen throughout the laboratory industry – especially in her own neighborhood of South Florida. She became motivated quickly to not only provide quality laboratory services through exceptional customer service, but to educate the community on the cardinal significance for laboratories and their clients to collectively build and maintain ethical relationships. “I understand how discussing laboratories throughout the treatment industry can be uncomfortable and intimidating for a facility owner or Medical Director. I’ve made it my mission to show how and why it doesn’t have to be! Toxicology is a necessary part of the treatment process and when done the right way, only benefits the relationship between a doctor and each individual patient.”  Ms. Pilz believes that taking the time to educate yourself is crucial. It gives you the ability to engage in a confident conversation about laboratories rather than dismiss it.